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these are wonderful!
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—&gt; cute photo of the evening.
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Today marks 10 months unemployed.
I have no job, no healthcare, no savings left.
Just trying to keep my head above water….and freaked out about what I’ll do when the benefits run out.  = (
I am the 99%.
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I am an orphan. Abandoned at a young age only to be adopted by abusive parents. I left and lived on the streets until I decided that I would not let my life waste away. I relied on my friends, lived on couches, went back to school and am now drowning in student debt. I am in my third year; aspiring to become a doctor. I live on my own now, working 3 jobs and I still don’t have enough to eat on a daily basis. 
I strive for a better tomorrow. 
I am the 99%. 
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